Strategy Development

Strategy Development

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Business strategies are realistic, sustainable, and built exclusively for each client. There’s no one-size-fits-all here; strategy is a fine balance between business aspirations and actual budgetary and human resource constraints. Such constraints are not negatives – they are critical parameters that guide and shape the framework.

How do we do it? We begin with clearly identified business goals, and then determine the appropriate approach, processes, timelines, division of labor, budgets, and success metrics. Everything is based on SMART goals:

Sustainable – How can we make this effort work for us well into the future?

Measurable – How will we know if this effort has been successful?

Achievable – Are the success metrics attainable given timeline, budget, and bandwidth constraints?

Relevant – Is this effort driving toward clearly identified business goals?

Time-Based– Are there clear start and endpoints for this effort?